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US to send anti-ship missiles to Ukraine – Reuters

Russia Today 20 May 2022
Washington is reportedly looking to provide powerful missiles to help break a Russian naval blockade of Ukrainian ports ... Breaking the Russian blockade of Odessa and other Black Sea ports might allow for shipments of wheat and other Ukrainian exports to get out of the country.

Ukraine’s ports are worsening world hunger

Economist 19 May 2022
“Unblocking Odessa is as important as providing weapons to Ukraine,” he says ... But how? Some people are now exploring the idea of naval convoys to escort merchant vessels in and out of Odessa and nearby ports ... Even if Russia shrinks from attacking convoys, says Michael Petersen of the us Naval War College, ships in port will be sitting ducks.

Food shortages have world leaders scrambling

Democratic Underground 19 May 2022
and the United Nations are working to get grains and essential food moving out of closed ports in war-torn Ukraine ... "If ports in the Odessa region do not open up immediately, two things will happen.

The coming food catastrophe

Economist 19 May 2022
The war is disrupting these supplies because Ukraine has mined its waters to deter an assault, and Russia is blockading the port of Odessa.\nEven before the invasion the World Food Programme had warned that 2022 would be a terrible year.

UN urges Ukraine grain release, warn of ‘mass hunger’ that could last for years

Arab News 19 May 2022
But with the ports of Odessa, Chornomorsk and others cut off from the world by Russian warships, the supply can only travel on congested land routes that are far less efficient ...Russia must permit the safe and secure export of grain stored in Ukrainian ports.”.

Fog of war clouds fate of far-right battalion

Asiatimes 19 May 2022
An ongoing ceasefire and surrender of Ukrainian troops who had retreated to and been surrounded in, but continued to resist from, the fortress-like Azovstal Steel plant in the southern port city of Mariupol ends a modern epic of armed defiance ... A westward strike has failed to capture Mykolaiv, a key gateway to the Black Sea port of Odessa.

From farm to fork

China Daily 19 May 2022
Policymakers must make the right decisions to ensure a sustainable food future ... The wrong ones will worsen food insecurity and fuel climate change ... A lack of planting and harvesting-combined with the inability to export grains from ports like Odessa-will constrain supplies of wheat, barley and sunflowers globally ... Relax or eliminate biofuel mandates ... .

Russia’s Black Sea blockade is a problem for the whole world

New Statesman 19 May 2022
the need to relieve the blockade that Russia has successfully inflicted on Ukraine’s southern ports in the Black Sea ... By closing the Kerch Strait, which connects the Sea of Azov to the Black Sea, and stationing ships off Odessa and other Ukrainian ports, Russia was able to mount an effective blockade.

A world grain shortage puts tens of millions at risk

Economist 19 May 2022
The share of last year’s grain harvest still in the country—about 25m tonnes of grain, a lot of it maize (corn)—is stuck there, because Odessa’s ports, through which 98% of the grain exports normally pass, are blockaded. Getting the grain to alternative ports in Romania, Bulgaria and the Baltics is hard.

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, May 18, 2022

The White House 19 May 2022
First, Russia is bombarding Odessa, which is the port from which that food departs on large cargo ships bound through the Black Sea and then on to the world market ... ship traffic that would — could leave Odessa Port, were not under this bombardment, and head out to the world.

The History and Geopolitics of U.S. Expansionism in the Heart of Eurasia

GlobalResearch 19 May 2022
... from Ukraine for its strategic expansion through Eurasia, a pivotal area of global equilibrium, and prevent Russia from regaining its dominant position in the Black Sea, where Odessa served as its main trading port with the Mediterranean and other regions around the Atlantic”.

How to unblock Ukraine’s ports to relieve world hunger?

Economist 18 May 2022
“Unblocking Odessa is as important as providing weapons to Ukraine,” he says ... But how? Some people are now exploring the idea of naval convoys to escort merchant vessels in and out of Odessa and nearby ports ... Even if Russia shrinks from attacking convoys, says Mr Petersen, ships in port will be sitting ducks.

Just how long can Russia sustain the war in Ukraine?

The Spectator 18 May 2022
Russia’s secondary objective is to expand its reach west from Crimea to incorporate Ukraine’s major Black Sea port, Odessa. The loss of Odessa would leave Ukraine landlocked, with no easy way to export its massive grain crops and no cheap way to import consumer goods. Let’s consider both Russian objectives, starting with the drive for Odessa.

Bread Prices in Hungary Could Surpass €2 per Kilo by Summer

Hungary Today 18 May 2022
For almost all products and foodstuffs, we can see that prices have increased enormously and the increase cannot even be stopped ... Translated by Júlia Tar ... This stopped Ukrainian shipments, which previously exported a million tons of grain, wheat, corn, sunflower, and rapeseed a week, mainly by sea from the port of Odessa ... told Debrecen Television ... ....

Crop prices rise as supply worries persist

Mesabi Daily News 17 May 2022
Planting progress has sped up across the Corn Belt, but crop prices have continued to rise ... “They say they’ll get 70-80% of our crop planted, but their (infrastructure) might not be able to handle that for export, and Russia may blow up Odessa. If they take out a port facility, the possibility of exporting through ships is zero.” ... .

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